Andrew Potato Face

Debbie O’Connor, the author of Andrew Potato Face is available for preschool and school appearances. Debbie tells the children the story of her son ‘Joel’ who is the character in the book and why she wrote it. There is question time and a fun colouring-in sheet.

Surveyors Creek Public School

“Surveyors Creek Public School was visited by children’s author Deborah O’Connor, writer of a healthy eating children’s book called “Andrew Potato Face”.

Deborah read Andrew Potato Face to our Kindergarten to Year 2 students in support of our healthy eating program.

Students are encouraged to bring healthy food such as fruit for “Munch and Crunch” each day with teachers using the opportunity to teach and reinforce healthy eating habits.

Deborah will be returning to read at our school for “Storytime” on Wednesday 5 November. Storytime will commence on Wednesday 15 October at 9.10am and is an opportunity for children enrolling in kinder in 2009, their parents and little brothers and sisters to visit our school library and engage with teachers from our school and to be read a story.”

Sally Olsen, Surveyors Creek Public School

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School – St Marys

Debbie O’Connor reading to students

“Debbie gave a wonderful presentation of her book ‘Andrew Potato Face’ to the students. She involved the younger children in the story by asking them to read along with her. The message of her book was clear with the discussion leading to healthy eating and their favourite vegetables. The older students listened to the story and gained insight, through discussion and questioning into how and why the book was written. Debbie outlined the techniques she used to create the book, examining the layout and repetition of language used.

The teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Debbie, our local author, and found the experience a worthwhile part of National Literacy and Numeracy week.

It was our pleasure to have Debbie come visit the students at our school.”

Karen Rutkowski, Executive Member and LTST (Learning Technologies Support Teacher)
Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School

Kingswood Park Primary School

Debbie reading at Kingswood Park Primary School

“It was a real treat to have local author, Debbie O’Connor, come to visit our school. Having self-published her book, Debbie was able to demonstrate the process of turning a problem into a story, and then, turning a story into a book!

‘Andrew Potato Face’ promotes healthy eating in a fun and colourful way. It is structured, so as to invite the prereader to participate, and the Early Stage 1, or Stage 1 reader, to engage with understanding. It is a great tool for Stage 3 children to share with younger Buddies, in order to promote a caring school environment. Both teacher and student responses have been overwhelmingly positive. There was excellent student recall of presentation facts and evidence of inferential learning as a result of her visit.

Thank you Debbie for coming to our school!”

Brenda Bruce, Kingswood Park Primary School

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